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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Integrating play, technology and modern learning environments

Organising our spaces with purpose

In Hikuawa we organise our building in spaces. Each space has a Kaiako or Kaiawhina (Teacher or teacher aide). The Ākonga are free to move. Technology is a wee cave-like space. We have outside, art, construction, dramatic play, kitchen and technology and Hui space. The Kaimahi (teacher) looking after the space, writes the names of the Ākonga attending each session. This means at a quick check we know who has been there and who hasn't. The agreement at the moment is one block per day.

A challenge is set each day to complete, or the students can decide what they are doing based on other learning.

Here the learner is working on a simple scratch challenge.
We have explored Book Creator, Bee bots and our next exploration will be Minecraft.
Each Tuesday afternoon, those who want to join the other Hapori for Code Club.

Timetabling - Year 1 to 2

Each morning the students write their own timetables. They make choices as to where they will be depending on what is on offer for the day. There are agreed rules for the area and if they don't agree with them they don't spend time there.

This shows the workshops available in
the upper right-hand
Jaden completes his timetable for the day. It is his choice whether he actually does it or not. Most times, the Ākonga do. Some put the number of the block during the day next to the space, others write what it is they will be doing.

This photo shows the basic areas available each day.

Some examples

Two Ākonga collaborate naturally to use book creator
for their learning.
Some beautiful artwork is produced along with
amazing stories. 

Here the learner is working on book creator challenge.

We love learning stories because we think narrative assessment captures so much of the heart of our learners.
Here is an example - Learning Story Technology

Oh and technology often happens off the ipads.  
An example of a minecraft floor plan.  Includes
numbers of floors.  The story with this is detailed.

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